About RKD


Now in its eleventh decade, RKD is proud to trace its roots back to 1913 when influential Dublin architect Johnny Robinson established the original practice with a reputation for quality and forward-thinking. By the 1940s Robinson's vision had been enhanced by the influence of Cyril Keefe and Andy Devane, whose focus on design helped to define the architectural language within Ireland. Going from strength to strength, the practice expanded its expertise to include large projects. A major hallmark of consistent quality is the fact that many of our original projects still serve in their original purpose and stand as symbols of strong, innovative architecture that continue to make a contribution to our built environment.

The desire for continuous innovation forged such a powerful legacy that it continues to drive our people and inspire our clients. The current RKD generation features a highly effective blend of trusted experience and fresh ideas infused with a passion for design and the common aspiration to deliver the best solutions.

RKD's personalities and methods may have changed over the last 100 years but what remains is a responsibility to our legacy, to our original forward-thinking vision and our reputation for innovation. It is this unique mix of tradition and innovation that has propelled RKD beyond its status as one of the leading design practices in Ireland to become an emerging world player, firmly establishing itself as a major international architectural innovator.





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