RKD has reimagined the concept of a Pharmaceutical fit out and designed a unique facility for dynamic Biotech Research Company APC located in Dublin, Ireland.

Combining the hi tech functional requirements of Small and Large Molecule Labs with leading edge activity based work settings has created a world class facility that is a fusion of hard edged technical space and softer working zones.

The client vision was to embroider the two types of spaces together so that they appeared to be one whilst being physically separated. Working with Global leaders in Pharmaceutical Healthcare who often visit the site, we worked with APC on the concept of allowing visitors to be part of the labs without having to enter them.

The backdrop to the main reception space is an expansive glass wall with direct views into the large molecule lab, allowing visitors to feel part of the action, everything is transparent, there is nothing and no need to hide anything.

Populated with a professional staff made up of experienced and graduate scientists at the top of their field the design solution provides a creative and collaborative environment where ideas flourish and solutions are delivered.

The design aesthetic is more akin to a Tech start up reinforcing the concept that this company is ‘really different’.

We designed full height mullion free fire rated glazing between labs and client facing office space, and orientating the labs and entrance areas for maximum visibility of the lab process and the client's innovative lab technology.

This allowed the client avoid safety issues bringing visitors in to a potentially hazardous environment, and avoid additional gowning.

100% of the laboratory benches and fume hoods are visible without having to enter the lab.

Clear safe views to hazardous areas at all times facilitates safety procedures for when the labs are sparsely populated.

Dublin, Ireland

1,600 sq. m.