CSCB Research Laboratories, University College Dublin

CSCB Research Laboratories, University College Dublin


RKD Architects have created the new Centre for Synthesis & Chemical Biology at University College Dublin as a four storey building extension to the existing Chemistry Building. Its prime location adjacent to the existing Science buildings just west of the UCD Lake allows it to be the main focus of the UCD Campus.

The building is linked to the Science buildings and provides 48 large fume cupboards in six identical postgraduate research laboratories, which RKD relied on past experience to lay out in an economical and efficient manner. A service plant is located centrally on each floor immediately adjacent to the laboratory accommodation, thus reducing services runs and building mass at roof level.

Each identical laboratory area was designed to run independently and has all of the necessary spaces to do so including a dedicated Write Up area for 12 researchers. These spaces are carefully located in relation to laboratories to provide clear vision to all of the laboratory fume cupboards for user safety purposes. Instrument Rooms are positioned between every two laboratories for efficient use of space and allow for interaction between users. A large seminar room and offices located at the ground floor allow for laboratory users to present and meet their findings with the public and with each other.


2,500 sq. m.