Genzyme Flanders

Genzyme Flanders


Genzyme Flanders must operate on the site to facilitate Genzyme projected manufacturing forecasts for 2015 and 2020.

To address the current site shortfalls, the following additional accommodation is required.

  • Additional QC laboratory accommodation
  • Additional TY laboratory accommodation
  • New cafeteria facility
  • Ancillary Spaces to support the above
  • New Data Centre
  • Additional Offices and Meeting Rooms
  • Additional Sanitary Accommodation
  • Centrally located catering facility (cafeteria) providing a lunch service with vending for out of hours shift workers
  • The site layout arrangement includes the expansion of the existing 3-storey building to provide a physical link connection to the bio bulk production building to the north, the expansion of the QC Admin Building 2-storey building towards the existing production building and the construction of a new 2-storey office, laboratory and cafeteria building.

To the north of the QC building, a meeting place/plaza is to be developed through the combination of soft and hard landscaping and landscape furniture.

To the south of the new office, laboratory and cafeteria building, the existing lands are to be developed into a combination of parkland and retention ponds, providing a pleasant view form the seated area of level 1 cafeteria.

The former Cipal A building has been identified by Genzyme in the masterplan as manufacturing offices to support the adjacent the new bio bulk building. The building will be extended south towards the bio bulk building to provide a new reception and breakout space, SHE Training and Intervention and offices and doctor/nurses room at level 1 and data centre/archive at level 2.

The existing 3-storey building will be stripped out and refurbished to provide open plan and cellular offices, meeting rooms, breakout technical and ancillary spaces.

Flanders, Belgium

36,000 sq. m.