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RKD won an architectural competition held by Independent News and Media in early 1999 to relocate their outdated press facility and corporate headquarters from Abbey Street to Citywest. The resulting iconic design is a striking showcase for one of the world's leading newspaper and communications groups. RKD's innovative solution inverted the traditional approach by making the printing press hall highly visible through a bold 18m glazed facade - a concept which in turn generated the opportunity of locating new corporate headquarters within the facility itself to communicate the values of openness and transparency. The result is a high-profile public landmark in a prominent location along a major national motorway, a function of RKD's ability to produce landmark design solutions in prominent locations.

The project boasts the fastest-known tower press completion - less than 11 months - and features a floor area 33% smaller than that of other similar facilities. RKD achieved these valuable economies by closely coordinating and managing the major process suppliers and building & services contractors.

The press hall was specifically designed to facilitate some of the world's most advanced computer-to-plate print and production equipment. Its reinforced concrete press table is strong enough to take the dynamic loads of eight press towers producing daily, weekly, and bi-weekly publications. The building also accommodates the company's headquarters in a mix of open plan and cellular offices and conference rooms.

Dublin, Ireland

7,000 sq. m