Mayo Renewable Power Biomass High Efficiency CHP Plant

Mayo Renewable Power Biomass High Efficiency CHP Plant


RKD Architects has worked with an international consortium to deliver a new power plant to Mayo region. The state of the art new 100 MW plant will be powered by a mix of peat, woodchips, and a small amount of coal.

Our role as design team leader allowed us to assist the client in developing the project from inception through planning stage. Building on previous power plant experience dating back as far as the 1970s, RKD was able to coordinate with engineers to deliver a plant that is logistically efficient to operate and maintain at all levels yet maintains a degree of flexibility for future technologies and methods.

A comprehensive series of 3d photomontages were created for the planning process to assist the public, council and client to visualise the plant in its surroundings.

Flexible technologies are included in the plant’s design allowing it to convert to crop power, which is inline with the present Government’s commitment to encourage the development of fast rotating crops.

The plant’s location and flexibility leaves it well suited to achieve the Government’s intention to achieve 33 percent of electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

Kilalla, Co. Mayo, Ireland

7 hectares

Planning Stage