Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Campus

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Campus


RKD has developed a masterplan for a pharmaceutical manufacturing campus in conjunction with a large process engineering organization and are currently in concept study stage. Construction is to be phased; the final scheme to be completed by 2016 will be comprised of 5 separate production facilities of different types, a central warehouse for logistics and necessary support and utilities buildings.

The client wishes to develop a campus that will benefit the wider community as well as providing a comfortable and pleasing work environment on a par with international standards for a workforce of more than 600.

The campus is some 10.5 hectares (26 acres) in size and the existing topography is such that the development will involve extensive landscaping and site works in the initial phases.

At masterplan stage, design guidelines provide for maximum flexibility within individual blocks to accommodate client requirements to allow for variation in production workflows. Within the campus plan too, there is flexibility to expand individual blocks to meet growth in demand for particular product families.

The level of local infrastructure has required the development of strategies for servicing the campus based on the provision of dedicated power and water supplies.

Basis of design documentation addresses cGMP and FDA standards to allow the client to compete in international markets.

Indian Sub-Continent

45,000 sq. m.