Whitestown Way, Dublin

Whitestown Way, Dublin


Whitestown Way is a mixed use development on a 3.2 hectare site with a prime location adjacent to the southwest corner of Whitestown & Tallaght Bypass road. RKD has masterplanned and designed the 65,000 sq. m. development to consist of Hotel, Leisure Centre, Office Accommodation, Retail/Retail Warehouse Unit, Garden Centre, Primary Health Care Unit, Sheltered Housing and a Creche.

The project is comprised of a single building complex which houses the various commercial units at basement, ground & mezzanine levels. Above first floor level the complex is subdivided into three office blocks, five residential blocks and a hotel block, all ranging in height from two to six storeys above first floor level.

The residential hotel and office blocks are orientated around six external south facing landscaped courtyards of different size and character. The building blocks flank the courtyards on three sides and are linked by pedestrian walkways. These blocks are stepped at each floor level which optimises the natural sunlight penetration into the courtyards and creates a striking architectural composition.

The ten storey-high hotel atrium located to the corner of the development acts as a landmark feature to the development. This important design element addresses the busy corner and acts as an introduction to the scheme.

A basement level provides 750 car park spaces with a centrally located off-loading bay for goods deliveries to the units at ground floor level.


65,000 sq. m.