Cahir Residential Development

Cahir Residential Development


The design intent of this development is to create a holistic living environment which enhances and promotes interaction between its inhabitants by utilising the existing site characteristics to inform the physical design of the development. The master plan design for the development has a distinct urban character which is intended to read as an extension of the existing town footprint, providing an interconnecting network of streets and lively public spaces fronted by varied building types.

The development objective was to achieve a sense of place. This has been achieved by several design features such as arranging the detached housing around the existing “Rath” and by framing a protected “Castle in ruins” with a public park and housing. The urban structure of the development is arranged by geometrical street design with housing facades orientated to monitor the streets and which prioritises public open spaces.

This development consists of 650 residential units which vary in type, size and design. The development also includes a neighbourhood centre with shops, pharmacy, general practitioners and “own door” offices. Adjacent to the neighbour centre is a childcare facility to service the residents of the development.

Cahir, Co. Tipperary, Ireland

210,000 sq. m.

Planning Stage