Haiti Prototype New Town and Industrial Development

Haiti Prototype New Town and Industrial Development


Prototype Rural Town - 10,000 Inhabitants

The prototype town is planned so that all the residential areas are within 10mins walking distance from the central market square to allow access to all facilities without the need for car/ bus journeys.

The area required for a town of this size would be between 75 to 85 Hectares (185 to 210 Acres) depending on the topography.

There are 5 neighbourhood centres comprising of a local shop, medical centre, community building, and park/ playground which are located within 250m radius (5 minutes walk) of the residential areas, to foster a sense of community.

The central area is served by the Market Square.

Residential units are grouped in clusters of between 20-30 units which are set out around greens or public squares / parks.

The central area comprises the Public square, Park, Markets and retail units (5,000m2), Large community centre (1,000m2) and municipal functions, banks, post office, small offices, main church, bus station.

There are 3 primary schools with capacity for 2,400 students, and a secondary school for 1,600 students located in a central area of the town. The schools have access to parks and playing fields nearby.

Pre-school facilities or crèches can be provided alongside the neighbourhood community centres.

It is anticipated that the town will be required to be self sufficient in terms of Infrastructure and the following areas have been allowed:

Water treatment plant for filtration and treatment and storage of drinking water, 1 Hectare site

Waste Water Treatment, located at edge of town and allow for treatment and percolation, 1 to 6 Hectares. Other Municipal services can be located hear.

Energy Production, located at edge of town site of 1 Hectare. Options include Gas Storage, biomass boiler and turbine solution using waste agricultural products.


85 hectares

Prototype complete 2011