Mallow North

Mallow North


The Mallow North site is located to the west of and immediately adjacent to the town centre of Mallow. Together with the Mallow South Site they have a combined area of approximately 15 hectares. When development on the two sites is completed it is envisaged that they will increase the area of the hub town of Mallow by approximately one third.

This large development is linked to the Mallow South development through a public square located on West End Road at the end of Davis Street, which is Mallow's main street. The project is organised in a series of streets around an internal public square which houses a civic building. The overall development of approximately 130,000 sq. m. includes retail units and a multi-storey car park, office and residential buildings including apartments, town houses, a hotel and a conference centre.

The scheme is directly linked to Mallow Station via a new pedestrian walkway over the N20.

The design of the scheme is carefully planned around a network of streets and squares which pick up the existing urban grain of Mallow and continue it into the large new development area and it has been a key consideration to ensure that the town environment is both enhanced and extended.

This project is currently at planning stage and is being carried out between RKD Architects and Chapman Taylor.

Co. Cork, Ireland

130,000 sq. m.