Western Gateway Building, University College Cork

Western Gateway Building, University College Cork


The fit-out of the Western Gateway Building’s 3rd and 4th floors provided University College Cork with the opportunity to bring the various biomedical research facilities which were located in various parts of the campus and in two local public hospitals, under one roof.

Phase 1 which comprises 5,400sq.m. was completed in March 2012 after a fast track construction programme of 11 months within a live environment. Phase 1 comprises both teaching and research facilities including Anatomy/Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Cancer Research.

In each case, the main wet laboratories are supported by a number of specialised laboratories including Animal and Human Cell Culture, Live Cell Imaging, Perfusion, Mass Spectrometry (GMCS / HPLC), Microdialysis, Molecular Histopathology and Genome Analysis. These facilities are supported by Category 2 Laboratories for cell culture and analysis, recombinant viral production and cell engineering.

The Anatomy Department also included two highly specialised research and teaching spaces namely the Dissection Room with its associated Mortuary, Plastination and Prossection Laboratories.

The laboratories incorporated in Phase 2 are all research-based and include Neurosciences, Cancer Research and a new bespoke Biological Services Unit.

The Biological Services Unit requires high levels of containment including full shower-in/out facilities, pass through autoclaves, decontamination chambers, several pressure differentials and a minimum of 15 air changes an hour.

This area will house P2 Laboratories, Transgenics, and Micro Cell Manipulation.

The new accommodation includes large seminar rooms, group study rooms, offices for researchers, separate write-up space and a new café.


8,500 sq. m.