Dunmore East Mixed-Use Development

Dunmore East Mixed-Use Development


RKD Architects has developed a comprehensive master plan in Dunmore East for a 6 hectare mixed use development consisting of a residential development with a local town centre.

A modern mix of various residential house types designed with similar architectural cues but with different forms allows for an interesting visual development and experience. Examples of the different housing types include 2, 3, and 4 bed semi-detached, detached, bungalow and apartments. Included in the residential portion of the master plan is a single storey ground level crèche with children’s playground to serve the community.

The town centre portion of the development is a mix of a gym, residential, retail units, restaurant, café, and live-work units. The architectural language of this part of the development is similar to the residential portion but differs in its density and unit types. The residential unit types in the town centre are more focused on an urban feel with townhouses, duplex units, and apartments.

The focus of the Town Centre hard and soft landscaped square that is overlooked by surrounding buildings encouraging a more active feel to the spaces. This square also has the potential to act as an open air market.

External car, motorcycle and bicycle parking, associated roads, landscaped areas, civic amenity area and delivery areas are all designed to allow for a pedestrian-friendly active approach to the development.

Co. Waterford, Ireland

6 hectares

Planning Stage