Grangecastle Masterplan

Grangecastle Masterplan


In 2002 South Dublin County Council (SDCC) requested the preparation of a Framework Study and Masterplan for the Grange Castle-Corkagh area by an RKD led design team. This study covers a core area of approximately 445 ha (1,100 acres) within an overall land area of approximately 783 ha (1,935 acres) to the west of Clondalkin.

The study and masterplan was required to optimise the potential of land uses in that area having particular regard to the proposed International Business Park, residential/urban development opportunities and recreation and leisure facilities in the area. Various challenges and opportunities existed within the area and the completed framework study provides for: A balanced, sustainable and integrated community combining high quality of employment, living and recreation amenities in a relaxed environment, sensitive to and in harmony with its natural and cultural setting in South West Dublin.

The framework study is adaptable, flexible and coherent in respect of strategic and local policy and assists the promotion of local identity while encouraging a sense of pride and involvement by the local community.

The masterplan proposal recognises the principles of sustainable development and provides an attractive alternative to traditional edge-of-city development. As the proposed development will take a number of years to be fully realised the framework study is adaptable to allow for the expansion/contraction of different elements in accordance with changing market requirements.

Subsequently, in 2008, RKD were engaged to prepare a detailed framework plan for the ongoing development of the Grange Castle Business Park which is a component of the original study. This framework plan will assist SDCC Development Department market the business park and at the same time manage the development in an ordered manner.

Co. Dublin, Ireland

445 hectares