International Beverage Company Masterplan

International Beverage Company Masterplan


The company is a world leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine. It is trading in approximately 180 countries and employs 25,000 people around the world. With offices in 80 countries, it also has manufacturing facilities across the globe. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange.

The scope of the project is the construction of an integrated local and international spirits processing and bottling facility on a greenfield site located in Qionglai. The project also encompasses a Brand Technical Centre and support facilities for the employees. The site has a total area of 35 ha. The first phase construction site will be on 14 ha.

The facility is being developed as a joint venture between the international beverage company & a local company that is very well known in China. The First Phase of the facility includes includes:-

  • Process Area & Tanker Intake 2,500 sq m
  • Packaging Workshop 9,000 sq m
  • Packaging Materials Warehouse 2,500 sq m
  • Finished Goods Warehouse 8,500 sq m
  • Waste Management Area 1,200 sq m
  • Energy Centre 1,300 sq m
  • Offices, Labs, Catering 5,000 sq m
  • Ancillary Accommodation 1,200 sq m
  • TOTAL 30,000 sq m

Supporting site infrastructure included utilities yards, electrical substation, water treatment plant, waste water treatment plant and grade level parking.

The entire 35 ha site was masterplanned to provide for a total facility of approximately 100,000 sq m.

RKD provided masterplanning & building design services for this project,with personnel from RKD working working in Ireland. Senior personnel from RKD, the process, MEP & Structural & Civil Engineers & the local LDI along with senior personnel from the international beverage company managed the 10 week project through a series of workshops held at the Chengdu offices of the local company including:-

  • Completion of Masterplan Option Studies
  • Evaluation of Masterplan Option Studies & Development of an Approved Masterplan
  • Completion of Building Layout Option Studies
  • Evaluation of Building Layout Option Studies & Development of an Approved Building Layout
  • Development of 3D presentation material

The workshop process was most effective in achieving the rapid development of the design & the buy-in & signoff of the masterplan & building design by the entire project team.

Qionglai, Sichuan, China

100,000 sq. m.

Masterplan Complete 2012