Jubail University College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jubail University College, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Jubail University will be a world class university college, built to last on a grand scale as a key part of Jubail's evolving history. RKD is responsible for 250,000 sq.m of academic facilities, 102,000 sq.m of staff accommodation and 380,000 sq.m of student accommodation on an entirely new campus that combines the identity of a rapidly growing town with the sense of a real urban community. The university curriculum will be centred on Engineering Studies, with a special emphasis on mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and chemical engineering. In addition the university will offer courses in English, Business, Architecture and Computer Science. The student population will number 18,000.

The brief outlines provision for 6,000 male dorms, 4,800 female dorms, 400 single male and female staff apartments, 450 apartments and houses for family-based staff, town centre facilities, admissions and registrations buildings, dining halls, a female recreation centre and a Friday Mosque in the male sector. The masterplanning objective for the male and female student accommodation is to make connections with the Academic and Library areas of the university, allowing the students to have easy access to learning while creating separation for independent living.

RKD's approach creates an Islamic architecture with a unique engineering character that looks to the future while keeping its roots in tradition. The university's classrooms make extensive use of new learning technologies so the students benefit from substantial audio/visual support. The classrooms themselves are intelligently arranged around internal atria and organised specifically to enhance circulation through an environment that encourages interaction between students. The buildings are typically 4 storey ranging from 3,000 sq.m to 7,000 sq.m and are configured on a departmental basis. The university's departments are generally integrated to allow students experience the entire campus and all of its various disciplines.

RKD's design solution balances the individual with the collective in a traditional environment with a contemporary architectural language. Tradition is rediscovered through state-of-the-art climate design technology to create comfortable, people-friendly learning environments. Islamic-based garden and courtyard design is utilised throughout a campus whose purpose is to serve the society of students, lecturers and researchers, business and enterprise. Arcaded streets and shaded canopies enhance the sense of community. Buildings with lively frontages are grouped together around landscaped gardens, with secure openings to outdoor spaces.

Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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