Kilbarry Residential Development

Kilbarry Residential Development


The design intent for this development is the creation of a holistic living environment, one which enhances community spirit by providing carefully considered spaces for social interplay, while maintaining a sense of difference and identity between individual streets and dwellings.

The scheme comprises 123 two and three bedroom housing units made up of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. A crèche has also been provided within the development offering a convenient community facility to young families. The development has been laid out in such a way as to maximise daylight penetration within the houses and their east or west-facing gardens. The north-south running streets are gently curved in plan and each street is of a different length avoiding the sense of repetition and monotony often experienced in large housing developments.

Each street has been designed with a pocket garden which acts as its focal point and each pocket garden is defined by a particular activity. A playground is provided for residents’ children, public seating is provided in all gardens and there is even a bandstand to promote informal social activities.

The house units vary in design and type and have been interspersed throughout the site ensuring a variety of scale and aesthetic to each streetscape. Simple forms in the housing units allow for a modern take on traditional housing forms. The gable roof design, overhanging eaves and bay windows all serve to provide a varied shadow relief to their elevations. These elements combined with the orientation of the housing will provide a textured rhythm to the streetscape.

Co. Waterford, Ireland

11,800 sq. m.