Medical City Masterplan

Medical City Masterplan


Creation of a medical campus incorporation of separate public and royal hospitals. The waterfront site is served via an existing road and rail link and offers separate public and royal site entrances to ensure appropriate levels of security and privacy.

The masterplan concept is based on an ‘interlocking hands’ concept which informs the block form arrangement and lines of connectivity through the entire site.

Private Royal Villas are located on the island shoreline to facilitate Royal convalescence and to accommodate Royal visitors whilst the ‘Royal Towers Hospital’ is located on a secure island location and is afforded panoramic waterfront views.

Three curved Public Hospital department towers are located above a formal entrance concourse level. There are separate entrance points to each tower (to enable ease of access) whilst the connecting spaces between offer direct views through the building to the sea beyond.

Treatment levels occupy levels Ground to Second floor with treatment and operating spaces offered direct views to the sea. The three ‘towers’ form an organic roofscape and plan of ward accommodation, whilst that same form is reflected in the curved form shoreline.

Manama, Bahrain

150,000 sq. m

Masterplan Stage