St. James's Gate Quarter

St. James's Gate Quarter


St. James’s Gate Quarter will become a new mixed-use urban quarter for Dublin incorporating historical and industrial heritage of Guinness site within a new and sustainable live/work community.

Located at the heart of the Liberties area of Dublin 8, St. James’s Gate has been the centre of Guinness brewing activities for over 250 years. Following significant investment and advances in technology, Diageo can now brew more beer with less space.

Following an extensive feasibility study, RKD created a framework to articulate Diageo’s vision for the new quarter. The study envisages how in partnership Diageo could transform St. James’s Gate, while maintaining the manufacturing and social heritage Guinness has given Dublin.

The framework was developed around a set of core design principles – recognising the value of heritage & conservation, exemplary design, improved permeability, better connectivity, new public spaces and delivery of truly mixed-use development.

RKD’s masterplan supports the vision to regenerate St. James’s Gate—to open streets and create spaces amongst the buildings no longer needed for brewing.

The masterplan vision is to transform and re-purpose the historic fabric of these buildings, embracing new and old, residential and commercial, to create one of the most dynamic urban quarters in Ireland and Europe.

The masterplan provides more than 135,000 sq. m of gross floor area including 63,000 sq. m of offices and 48,000 sq. m of residential, with provision for more than 500 homes. The masterplan additionally provides hotel, café/retail, tourist, venue, heritage, and new public integrations with the existing world-famous brewery.

Dublin, Ireland

14 acres / 130,000 sq. m

Masterplan Stage