Architectural design is at the core of our business. Through keen observation, dialogue with our clients, drawings and models, we create excellent quality design solutions efficiently which respond to our clients' long term plans and strategies.

We have developed an interactive briefing methodology to assist our clients through the initial process of the project to define their needs and develop a project brief and space programme. We use workshops and extensive interface with user groups to obtain and prioritise the information required for design and produce briefs which are robust yet which contain flexibility for adaptation as the design develops.

Using our site appraisal and analysis techniques we can assist our clients in selecting the best site suited to their proposed activities. We examine accommodation strategy, space management, design concepts, available services and infrastructure, planning and regulation implications and other criteria for one or several sites and provide evaluation to help choose the most suitable site.

We work closely with our clients at all stages of the design, planning application, procurement and construction process to implement their requirements.