BC(a)R Assigned Certifier Services

BC(a)R Purpose

To ensure delivery of a compliant, safe and reputable project, while achieving maximum efficiency, RKD Architects have put together a dedicated in-house team to manage every aspect of the BC(a)R process that is built on RKD's 105 year pedigree of delivering exceptional buildings of the highest quality, that have stood the test of time.

RKD's BC(a)R process has been developed to seamlessly integrate industry standardised best practice construction processes, with the standards set-out by the DoELG Code of Practice for Inspecting and Certifying Buildings and Works.

"Do I need BCAR on my Project!?"

A common question, that can be answered quite simply - Yes!

In short BC(a)R is applicable on ALL projects in Ireland. Rather the question is, do I need a Commencement Notice? If so, which type?

There are four different types of Commencement Notices, but more on that later.

To assist you with your project delivery and full compliance with BC(a)R, RKD provides a high quality BC(a)R, Certification services that is fully integrated into RKD's Quality Assurance System for the efficient delivery of projects in the most cost-effective manner to the benefit of its clients. This service is delivered as a specialist and independent service.

Work with us to co-create your project and reach the best in class certification it ultimately deserves.

Best in Class

RKD Architects have been integrally involved in the development of BC(a)R Processes for the Architectural Profession. We have been actively assisting the Royal Institute of Architects in development of their BC(a)R Code of Practice. Since the inception of BC(a)R in 2014, we have successfully certified c. 150,000sqm of space over 9 sectors. We currently have another 200,000sqm of space under construction, with various local authorities across the country.

Dedicated Team

RKD Architects BC(a)R services is undertaken by a dedicated in-house staff complement of 6 persons, who have specific training and experience across various disciplines, to support the BC(a)R Activities of your project.

Our staff complete regular Continuous Professional Development activities to support their ongoing knowledge development of building regulation compliance requirements.

Do you need BC(a)R advice on your project?

Connect with RKD's head of the BC(a)R Team Gopal Naidoo or call 01-6681055