Building Information Modelling

RKD has a history of delivering projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM) applications and processes, as a technology oriented design tool. BIM is leveraged at RKD to provide numerous benefits for clients including:

  • BIM provides the tools for a more integrated design process
  • Errors and omissions can be highlighted and designed out prior to construction
  • Enhanced coordination can identify opportunities for project improvement
  • The capability to deliver a coordinated design is enhanced
  • Construction and FM input in the design stage of the project can lead to overall project benefits

However, the RKD approach to BIM features much more than technical improvements to the design and construction process. Rather than attempting to define the concept of BIM, it is more important to highlight the design environment and benefits that BIM allows RKD to deliver.

How are we making BIM happen at RKD?

  • Step 1: Planned Implementation - The extent of BIM adoption is assessed on a project by project basis. A balance between mature and progressive technology is planned to address specific project, client, and design team collaboration requirements.
  • Step 2: Skill Development - Our people are the backbone of our organisation, and the way we use technology is aligned with our creative desire to deliver positive results for all aspects of our projects. In order to achieve this, we promote BIM education for staff and are on the lookout for BIM enabled talent.
  • Step 3: Working with our partners - By engaging with our design and construction partners in a BIM based design environment, we seek to improve collaboration in order to deliver truly integrated projects.
  • Step 4: Continuous Improvement - As a learning organisation, we are committed to deepening our understanding of BIM technology and processes. Through regular project auditing, retention of a lessons learned knowledge bank, and an active BIM Practice Group; our capabilities grow on a daily basis.
From a client's perspective, RKD has the potential to facilitate long term project gains at the design stage.