Master Planning & Urban Design

RKD provide Masterplanning and Urban Design Services that can reveal the development potential of both greenfield and brownfield sites. We create well considered design responses to allow for future development over a period of time. Great masterplans create an underlying structure that can establish a sense of place or genius loci for each site.

All sites have a natural ecology and have technical, planning and political constraints and these have to be incorporated into the masterplan to allow for development in a sustainable manner incorporating economic, social and environmental issues.

Urban design is concerned with the creation of public spaces that are defined by the built environment. The spaces are normally associated with the public realm and are a critical ingredient in providing space for social integration in a community.

We have extensive experience of preparing masterplans involving existing office, healthcare and industrial facilities where growth requires the integration of new accommodation without interruption to existing business activities and can improve the efficiency of a site and also improve the urban quality.