Sustainability & Green Building Certification

The built environment can be a complex system that shapes and impacts the natural environment for decades, if not centuries. Project teams, building owners and operators understand they need to design, construct, maintain and re-use of the built environment to make it more sustainable and dramatically reduce its carbon footprint. The sooner we make an investment in sustainable building practices, the faster we will make progress toward a truly sustainable future.

Every choice we make presents an opportunity to enhance the performance of buildings, people, and organisations.

RKD Architects strives to integrate best sustainable design practices into each project phase, from project planning and feasibility studies to safe completion. Each link in the project life cycle can have environmental, social, and economic consequences downstream.

This is why getting it right from the start is so important. We work very closely with all our clients, to devise strategies for sustainable programmes and projects. This enables us to make better decisions together, based on more accurate assessments of the triple bottom line - economic, social, environmental sustainability.

Design drives sustainability. We are continually evolving our design processes to deliver innovation aimed at helping building owners become more resourceful and resilient. We use an integrative design process to understand our client’s challenges and requirements, applying the appropriate vision for community, wellness, ecology, materials, water and energy. This approach enables us to develop design solutions that enhance human wellness, performance, collaboration and experience.